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Dive Shops Marketing Tool Box - An Agency Created By A Diver For Divers (Exclusively)

Scuba Diving

What the is the difference between PADI, SSI, NAUI, and SDI?

Learn about the courses from each certification company.

Maybe you are in the market for new equipment, here you will conveniently have links to all the top manufacturers.  Quickly and conveniently you can find the brands you are looking for.

In a new city looking for a shop?

Forgot a part, and need to find a local dive shop?

On this page you will find a map of all the shops that I have been able to find in the US.  The database is growing everyday and you can help submit any updates.

PADI, Scuba Diving Certification, Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Scuba Diving, SSI, Scuba Schools International
Scuba Diving International, SDI, Scuba Diving
National Association of Underwater Instructors, NAUI, Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving, Scuba Ascent, Scuba Surfacing, Scuba

Diving safely is about more than just getting certificated.  It involves lots of practice and knowledge.   The classes will tell you to never hold your breath, but have you ever stopped to understand why?  

As you discover this new world, perhaps you want to learn more about coral conservation, and how divers are pioneering the path forward to healthier oceans.

Or maybe you have a friend with a disability and you would like to share an amazing experience with them, discover the world of Adaptive Diving.

Diving411 is a marketing agency that was found by me ... a career marketer and an amateur diver.   I have visited stores across the country and each is always looking for new ways to stay connected to their customers (let's face it, how many regulators is a customer going to buy).

So let my small business help your business with the fundamentals of marketing.   Get newsletters, social media posts, and blogs written for your website.

Coral Preservation, Scuba Diving, Coral Conservation

History of Diving411

Diving411 Mascot, Golden Retriever
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Years ago I created a 501c-3 to raise money for coral reef preservation (Reef Charities).  Now as I evolved the charity, I wanted to accelerate the level of my donations, give back at a higher level, and leverage a career's worth of experience. 

Diving411 was born as a marketing agency founded by a diver for dive shops; helping dive shops stay better connected with their customers.

And with our social media, we use these same marketing skills to help divers gain access to additional safety, education, gear reviews, and some amazingly fun dive sites.

Enjoy and please FOLLOW us.

Levi's Gone Diving

(official mascot of Diving411)

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