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Diving Infographics

Scuba Diving Infographics, Dive Boat Safety, Diabetes and Diving, DCS and Decompression Sickness with Diving, Boyles Law, Scuba diving flags, Diving Hand Signals, Diving Fitness, Atmospheres underwater while diving, Scuba diving gases, No fly time after scuba diving

There is a lot to of information to remember when diving so many people try to associate images to the concepts. So I started a collection of infographics that you can download:

  • Dive Boat - reminders and etiquette

  • Diabetes - guidelines

  • DCS - decompression sickness

  • Boyle's Law - air compression

  • Flags - diver and boat awareness

  • Hand signals - PADI overview

  • Fitness - tips for divers

  • Atmospheres - pressure underwater

  • Gases - air mixes for divers

  • Flying - how long to wait


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